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"The International Watercolor Society has come a long way since its inception back in 2012. We have successfully integrated more than 80 branches worldwide and we are still growing with more applications coming in. The year 2015 has proven that art can bring people together despite differences in race, religion, culture and distance. Though our activities centered on watercolor promotion, our mission of promoting brotherhood and peace was being accomplished too. We see a stronger bond forming between member countries and we see camaraderie as well between member artists. We thank you all for these accomplishments and hope for your continued support in the years to come. For 2016, the  IWS  theme would center around peace, harmony, love and understanding as reflected in the upcoming festivals, contests and exhibitions lineup. We will also focus on helping our IWS branches develop affordable strategies for promoting art and watercolor in their own countries. Striving hard to build a better society."


~ Atanur Dogan,  IWS Founder & President

"After almost four years , I am proud to say IWS has become one of the biggest art societies in the world. Where in the past, artists run into many obstacles before they get a break, IWS provides a platform where exceptional watercolor artists may shine. Last year, we were able to celebrate our favorite medium with several international festivals and workshops in many countries.  This year, we will strive to do even better.  It is said that the hope for the future lies in the young. We hope IWS would become an instrument in reaching and passing on to the younger generation, the appreciation for watercolor painting. We are proud to announce too that we have joined hands with many art material companies. With their help, we hope to show advancements in the field and dispel outdated notions that discredit watercolor. This will be of great benefit to all watercolor artists. So to everybody, thank you very much for the continued trust. Together, let us bring about another golden age in watercolor."


~Amit Kapoor, IWS Vice President


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